[ANSTHRLD] Conchobar mac Innes

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Mon Feb 28 13:19:15 PST 2005

[Forwarded on request.]

Sorry, please forward this to the Heralds list. Hotmail is coughing up
hairballs on me today for some reason.

>Please be careful when typing submitted names or other information
>about what submitters want.  It's easy to compensate for simple typos
>in the running text, but some people get oddly attached to there exact
>spelling, and a slight typo might be an entirely different name (e.g.,
>John versus Jon: different names, different derivations).
>He wants "mac Innes" with one space?

If I thought he cared one way or another, I would have been more
definitive here. As such, he has been 'using' the assumed name for
years and his Knight wants it and a device registered. I would say
sound is most important and it sounds just like it is spelled if
pronounced by someone speaking English

> > Conchobar - OCorrain and MacGuire, "Irish Names", pg 57,
> > s.n. 'Conchobhar', lists as being seen from 882 to the middle ages
>First, the formatting stuff.  If you want an accented form, it's
>     Ó Corrain and Maguire
>If you want it Da'uded instead,
>     {O'} Corrain and Maguire
>     O Corrain and Maguire
>Among name experts,
>     OCM
>Book titles are italicized or underscored, neither of which can be
>done in this medium (unless you do *...* or _..._).  Names of articles
>or other short works go in quotation marks.  The standard abbrev. for
>"page" is "p.".  A named time period is capitalized: "Middle Ages".

All I can say here is Hotmail has it's limitations and I type in Plain
text to avoid a variety of issues. I could have used OCM if I had
thought of it, but instead chose to come as close as I could to what
was on the forms that I have for the submission. The final forms will
have the appropriate accent marks as it is done in MS Word

>The substantive comment: lists exactly what (that is, the precise
>spelling), seen as what?  I wish I had OCM's _Irish Names_ so I could
>fill that in.

Same here, I don;t have a copy of a lot of these books that would make
such things easier. This is why I ask out here for those who do have a
copy to look it up and give me, and therefor the submitter, the proper
documentation and conflict checks.


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