[ANSTHRLD] Internal Commentary

Jayme Dominguez del Valle retiarius at ansteorra.org
Tue Jan 4 14:38:30 PST 2005

Unto the Ansteorran College of Heralds, Greetings from Jayme Retiarius!


I'm excited to hold the post of Retiarius Pursuivant! I'm very eager to
start work! I will begin compiling the commentary on the December ILoI.
Please remember that the deadline for commentary on this letter is still the
20th of January. 


If you've already mailed your commentary to HL Estrill, she'll get it to me,
however, I would appreciate it if you could fire off a quick email to me
letting me know you've already written for the month. 


I plan, but make no promises, to offer small incentives to those of you who
offer commentary each month. For those of you who are new to heraldry, it's
a wonderful tool to enrich your experience in heraldry, and I encourage you
to contact me for ways to get started! 


I will be receiving commentary and questions at this email address,
Retiarius at ansteorra.org


If you would like to receive the ICC each month, please send me an email
here, and I'll put you on my list. 


Yours in Service,


Jayme Dominguez del Valle

Retiarius Pursuivant



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