[ANSTHRLD] Coronation!! Field/Site Heralds Needed!

Joseph Percer jpercer at stx.rr.com
Tue Jan 11 07:58:12 PST 2005

Unto the Ansteorran College of Heralds does Jayme Dominguez del Valle,
Seawinds Pursuivant, send greetings!!!


The time for the Coronation of Their Stellar Highnesses Ulsted and Cateau
draws near! (This coming Weekend!)


I am still in need of gentles to help out with field and site heraldry. No
experience necessary. AND I will have plenty of Chocolate goodies for anyone
who helps. 


Book Heralds! Keep in mind that there will be a consultation table at the
event. We need your brains! Chocolate goodies for all of you as well!


If you need more information concerning the event, please contact me off
list, at jpercer at stx.rr.com or check out the Seawinds Website -
www.seawinds.org <http://www.seawinds.org/> 


YiS and Thanks!!!




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