[ANSTHRLD] request for help documenting German name

Zodiacus Herald zodiacus at ansteorra.org
Wed Jan 12 16:25:01 PST 2005

Magnus wrote in re- the name "Eule von Haginbald":

> Eule means owl in German.  It may also mean a potter but the spelling is a
> bit in question there.  It is a surname in German but no trace of its use
> a given name turned up.  Animals get used as bynames regularly in German
> I find only a very rare few used as given names.
> Haginbald sounds German but a Google search showed no such place in
>  The only returns were SCA related.
> It might be constructable but that is another issue.

I ask the commentor from where the above information was documented.  He
must have some source in which he found it and disapproved of it.

> Ask the submitter where the name was documented from or where the name
> from.  He must have some source that he found it in and liked it.

This issue has been covered by Johann's separate response to Magnus's
message.  I will add that Master Eule found the name in a book at NTSU 20
years or more ago.  He's been trying to work with us for a long, long time.
Previous submissions have been lost by local heralds.  He's moved many times
since then.  Papers get lost.

He found this somewhere, many years ago, as a given name.  The standards for
what constitutes an acceptable source have changed greatly in the last
twenty years.  Books that were lauded as wonderful a mere fifteen years ago
are now on the condemned source list.  It may be that his name was in one of
those.  I will endeavour to find someone who attends NTSU who would be
willing to spend an afternoon in the library for a good cause.

Does anyone have any positive evidence they've uncovered to support this
name?  Who is in possession currently of the heraldic consultation table
book collection?  What book or books does it contain that might have
information on German names?  At what events is the heraldic consultation
table next scheduled to be?

Serena, Blanc Gryffoun Herald

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