[ANSTHRLD] Gulf Wars Heralds Point

Mistress Bronwen mistressbronwen at solhaven.com
Thu Jan 20 04:43:50 PST 2005

Good Heralds,

Gulf Wars XIV is drawing nearer, and as the person responsible for running 
Herald's Point this year I am starting to firm up schedules and plans for 
the War.

The point will be open from Tuesday March 15th - Saturday March 19th from 
9-10 and 10-11 in the morning for classes and (hopefully) a road show if one 
of the sovereigns of arms is agreeable and plans to attend. We also need 
volunteers to teach classes. At present we have scheduled: Beginning Blazon, 
Russian Name Formation, Basic Name Documentation, Ban-Seanchus (Women in 
Medieval Ireland), and Court Heraldry. We have room for several others, and 
would appreciate a willingness to teach.

The point will be open for consultation from 12-5 daily from Tuesday March 
15th- Friday March 18th, and for pickups on Saturday March 19th from 12-2. 
We need consultants, and we need to know what references/books people are 
willing to bring with them. We would like to have at least two copies on 
hand of the most frequently used name sources and of recent O&As. We would 
also benefit from collections of name articles, printouts of the Rules for 
Submissions and the Admin Handbook, copies of the PicDic, print-outs of the 
weirdness and conflict tables, copies various armorials and armory books, 
and milk crates or shelves on which to place the books.

If you are an artist planning to attend and help out at the point, please 
let me know. We will be needing your talents as well, and also the help of 
those wishing to color.

Likewise, we need greeters (to greet clients and maintain the list of those 
waiting to be served) and one or two clerks to manage the flow of paperwork 
(from the consultants to and from the artists and to make the copies) this 
year. Last year everyone had their hands in the files, and this did not 
prove to be a good organizational idea. This year we want this facet of our 
work to flow smoothly, and to have one person at a time dealing with the 

We also need to know which Kingdoms will be accepting submissions at the 
war.  A schedule for this can be worked out on site, but I'll need to know 
that and your submission rates eventually.

If you are willing to be of service in one of these areas, please let me 
know.  It will be very much appreciated, believe me.

This message is being sent to the kingdoms most likely to send heralds to 
Gulf Wars, but please feel free to cross-post to other lists. If you wish to 
subscribe to the Gulf Wars Heralds list, please feel free to go to
GWHeralds-subscribe at yahoogroups.com and subscribe.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support....


Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli, Heralds Point Coordinator

"Quod Excogitem Sum"..."I Am What I Can Imagine"
[Per pale sable and argent, an antelope statant and in chief a pearled 
coronet counterchanged]


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