[ANSTHRLD] Westgate Winter Collegium

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Mon Jan 24 13:11:35 PST 2005

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> Subject: RE: [ANSTHRLD] Heralds Warranting Class
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> Greetings to the Solstice Herald of Ansteorra
> from a lowly loves-to-research-names nobody.  
> I am also teaching at Westgate Winter Collegium, (11 am class and 1 pm
> class) and would love to have the opportunity to learn something about
> heraldry.  When will the class be held, please?
> In Service to the Dream, 
> mona gerita del mare
The class schedule is on the event website and should be up-to-date. 
Site at: >  http://www.clancircle.com/wwc/

Westgate Collegiums traditionally focus on a specific collegium topic, 
this year's being 'HISTORY' and there are a number of very interesting
historical based classes offered.   Please join us. 

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