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Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Sun Jun 12 17:41:32 PDT 2005

At 09:38 PM 6/11/2005, Reis wrote:
I've been asked to announce a little mental game for my fellow heralds: 
Come Up With New Heraldic Titles.

>Yes, it's just as simple as it sounds!  Well, not entirely.  The goal is 
>to come up with, say, a half dozen heraldic titles that are USABLE -- that 
>is, they are acceptable period forms, they do not have conflicts, they are 
>not presumptuous, all the usual requirements.  How do you play?  Just post 
>your results to the heralds list.  What could be easier?

Etienne now write:
Let me clarify three things.  First, titles suggested do not necessarily 
need to be targeted towards our college web minister.  If one is a really 
good fit, that's great; but do not let that drive your thinking.

Second, titles suggested have no guarantee that Ansteorra will register 
them.  The target of 5 or 6 good, period styled titles is an arbitrary 
number on my part.  I think, based on some things in process, that a couple 
of more working titles may be needed.  That may not pan out and additional 
titles may be unnecessary.  I am trying to plan ahead... in case.

Third, I am only looking forward to suggestions that are notably period in 
style.  Think Academy of St. Gabriel for a moment.  I prefer suggestions 
that are period in style over suggestions that are merely registerable.  If 
I am going to ask for a few more titles (not guaranteed yet), then I am 
going to specifically ask for period modeled titles.

Having said all of that, I have asked Reis to coordinate collecting the 
suggestions since his office might be affected.  At this point, this is an 
exercise in period styled heraldic titles.  Now, before the list explodes 
with one liner suggestions (though humor is always welcome in moderation), 
let me add to the difficulty of this assignment (should you choose to 
accept it).  Reis will not accept or collect suggestions that are just the 
title.  The suggestion must include sufficient notes or citations that 
could be used as documentation.  Think A&S competition for a moment; 
documentation is required and not optional.  If your suggestion is 
blatantly obvious and explainable as period without having to cite a 
source, note that.  But I will likely give preference to the titles that 
required a source and took more work.

Sometimes, we all need to go back and open the books.  Take up this 
gauntlet if you are able.

Star Principal Herald

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