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>I've been asked to announce a little mental game for my fellow heralds: 
>Come Up With New Heraldic Titles.

I have yet another challenge of research for the Heralds.  In a recent scribally related
conversation with Lady Donnel Shaw who heads up the youth boffer program, she requested that I
assist her in finding new, more period name potentials for the four youth boffer ranks/classes.  

The current classes are: 
Children’s Boffer Division (Ages 6-9) 
Youth Boffer Division (Ages 10-12) 
Teen Boffer Division (Ages 13-15) 
Youth Chivalric Division (Ages 16-17) 

We considered: 
Freshmen, Sophmore, Junior, Senior
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 
Children, Youth, Junior, Senior
Skunk, Opossum, Armadillo, Wolf (definately a joke!)
Meridies uses: Bear, Ram, Wolf

If Ansteorra decides to stick with CELESTIAL names (which I somewhat like; consistency 
within Ansteorran theme and unique from other kingdoms - very symbolic), 
then perhaps youth classes could be selected from the period Zodiacs (the animals - 
kids tend to like mascots), or Constellations: 
Such as: Aries (Ram), Taurus (Bull), Leo (Lion), Cancer (Crab), 
Capricorn(goat), Pisces (fish/shark-to be scary).  

Scorpio(Scorpion) could be the Rapier class, as scorpions have a singular stinger, like a Rapier
blade. I suspect if the Youth Boffer comes up with spiffy names for classes of age groupings, that
the Youth Rapier may want some similar name - even though they only have the one class rank, to my

OK - now I'm getting away from the Children's Youth Boffer class names but, perhaps to take this a
larger scale and for future growth, the Ansteorran Heralds college could use Planetary names for
Kingdom Championships, Zodiacs for Youth fighting classes, Stars for Heraldic offices, and
Constellations for in-kingdom classes and ranks (or something similar).  That way if a planetary
name form is used, and you don't know what it's for - the viewer still knows it's for a Kingdom

Be advised I have cc:d Lady Donnel Shaw (Youth Boffer) and Baroness Claire Shayhan (Youth Rapier),
so they are aware of the discussion and can follow if they wish.  As the name suggestions are
posted, I'll collect them and send to Lady Donnel; so she can present them to her staff for a

Looking forward to the discussion. 
(please trim my post)
Cheers, Hillary Greenslade

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