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Jim Trigg blaise at scadian.net
Tue Jun 21 09:37:36 PDT 2005

On Tue, June 21, 2005 12:06 pm, Maridonna said:
> Hi,
> Where does it say that an SCA name must have two name elements,
> please?  I don't remember the exact phrase which has made searching
> the RfS and AH difficult.

Rfs Part III (Compatible Naming Style and Grammar) section 2.a (Name Style
- Personal Names):
  a. Personal Names  - A personal name must contain a _given name_ and at
least one _byname_; each of these components will be called a _name
phrase_. A _byname_ is any name added to the _given name_ to identify
its bearer more precisely. Most period names contained no more than
three name phrases; as a rule of thumb a personal name should not
contain more than four name phrases. (A documentable exception is
Arabic, in which longer period names can fairly easily be found; an
example is  _Ab{u^} 'Abd All{a^}h Muhammad ibn Isma'{i^}l ibn
Mugh{i^}rah al-Bukh{a^}r{i^}_ '_Muhammad_, father of  _'Abd All{a^}h_,
son of _Isma'{i^}l_, the son of _Mugh{i^}rah_, the Bukharan.)

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