[ANSTHRLD] Youth Boffer class name updates

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Sun Jun 26 08:56:23 PDT 2005

Daniel and I have exchanged:

RoG> Exactly.  The current names are meaningful to our
RoG> ears.  I don't see any point in making our terms
RoG> less identifiable, just to mimic the Boy Scouts.

> And when *Jay Rudin* says we should avoid imitating Boy Scouts ...
> that's like Gunnvor saying that we shouldn't imitate the Norse.

Well, I said that we shouldn't make our *words* mimic them.  As for the
rest, they are imitating the same thing we are:
"In the old days the Knights were the real Scouts and their rules were very
much like the Scout Law which we have now.  The Knights considered their
honbour their moast sacred possession.... You Scouts cannot do better than
follow the example of the Knights."
          -- Robert Baden-Powell, *Scouting for Boys*, p. 11-12

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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