[ANSTHRLD] New name and device submission - 'Just Martin'

Maridonna maridonna at maridonna.com
Mon Jun 27 09:28:50 PDT 2005

Brent Ryder wrote:

> Howdy all,
> This came up at populace on Friday. Submitter is looking to document the 
> name 'Just Martin'. He'd actually wanted 'Martin' as his SCA name and we 
> related that he needed two name elements in order for it to be 
> registered. Remembering 'Just Rick' being registered, we thought we 
> might as well check into this possibility.

 From the Nov. 1991 LoAR:
Just Rick. Name change from Gaiseric Allison and device. Per bend 
sinister vert and Or, a bend sinister argent between a garb Or and a 
raven contourny sable.

     Lord Dragon has found evidence from period for the given name 
Justus and Juste, as well as Ricke as a surname, so this name can be 
justified as a perfectly legitimate construction.

R&W, s.n. Martin, lists <Walter, Helewis Martin> 1166.  "MedLat 
Martinus, a diminutive of  Martius, from Mars god of war. A very 
popular christian name and an early surname."

Andrea / Maridonna
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