[ANSTHRLD] Question on a Device

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Actually my name is already registered within the SCA, in the Kingdom of 
Atlantia, my previous kingdom.  I do still have the letter that the Golden 
Dolphin Herald sent to me via snail mail notifying me of it in case I needed 
it here for some reason.

As for the device, what if the line dividing it in half were to be 'rayonny' 
instead of a straight line?  Would that be permissible and not conflict?  
How would something like that be worded or blazoned? Would the horse be able 
to bear perhaps the device of my household and if so how would something 
like that be blazoned?  Sorry for appearing to be such a noob about this.

In Service to the Dream,
Muriel filia Donaldi de Skia

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>>I am hoping to get some assistance with submitting my own device, and I am 
>>not sure as I am young as far as being a herald goes,
>Welcome to the crew, we're here to help
>>but this is what I want  (forgive me if I do not get the blazon properly 
>>per pale sable and purpure, rampant horse or
>>in laymans terms:  half black and half purple with a gold horse rearing up 
>>on its hind legs pawing at the air
>>Please tell me that something like this would be acceptable.
>Unfortunately, I found the following:
>Dáithí Ó Briain|0007Q|d|Per pale gules and sable, a horse rampant Or
>The most common change is to add a bordure to add a second CD. I did come 
>across one in my short search that could give that idea  a problem:
>Caitlín ní Mháille|9605O|d|Purpure, a horse rampant Or and a bordure Or 
>mullety purpure
>There is a number of things here that could be done, but it would be best 
>for you to tell us what sort of changes would be acceptable to you. Other 
>charges could be added, the line of division could be made complex, any 
>number of peripheral ordinaries, etc, et al, could be added to make the 
>requisit CD's and then conflict checked again.
>>Also, who can I turn the device and the fee in to here in the Barony of 
>>Bryn-Gwlad and how long would something like this take?
>The fee, $9 per name, device and/or badge, is given to the Exchequer for 
>Bryn Gwlad who then give a check to the local herald made out to the 
>kingdon College of Heralds. Your local herald in Bryn Gwlad is the 
>Honorable Lady Pegasus Devona, Halberd Puirsuivant. If you go to 
>http://bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org/officers/ there is a link to send her 
>>Muriel filia Donaldi de Skia
>I am assuming this is the name you wish to register which would also need 
>to be registered either with or at least before your device. I checked the 
>O&A through June 2004 and did not find it registered nor did I see it in 
>the submission tracker online.
>Now we need someone to give documentation for the name so we can get that 
>going as well.
>Let us know if this is the name you were looking to submit so the name 
>heralds can check into it.
>"Has Been" Herald, nobody now
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