[ANSTHRLD] Question on a Device

Jim Trigg blaise at scadian.net
Tue Jun 28 11:45:52 PDT 2005

On Mon, June 27, 2005 3:43 pm, Ronda Roberts said:
> Actually my name is already registered within the SCA, in the Kingdom of
> Atlantia, my previous kingdom.  I do still have the letter that the Golden
> Dolphin Herald sent to me via snail mail notifying me of it in case I
> needed
> it here for some reason.

Just to be a completist, here is the registration (from the February 2005

Muriel filia Donaldi de Skia.  Name.

    Submitted as Muriel filia Donaldi, a timely letter of correction was
issued requesting that the name be considered as Muriel filia Donaldi
de Insulis. The submitter indicated that if this form was not
registerable, she would accept Muriel filia Donaldi de Skia. The name
Muriel filia Donaldi de Insulis is not presumptuous of the historical
Donaldi Rex de Insulis; as Metron Ariston notes, he does not have his
own article in Encylopedia Britannica or other general reference
works, although he does bear some importance in period. However, it
can be viewed as a claim to be a daughter of the chief of one of the
branches of the Clan MacDonald, whose title is the MacDonald of the
Isles. We have changed the name to Muriel filia Donaldi de Skia, the
submitter's other choice, in order to register it.

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