[ANSTHRLD] Question on Name submission...

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Thank you everyone.  I can easily change the de to dei without a problem.
I'm looking at mid 14th century Italian so the Elizabeta should be ok as
Daniel said.  I don't really care about the double t.  I had seen two given
names in the Italian language so I was pretty sure about Maria being ok, but
not necessarily combined with the Medici.

I'm going to contact GE's herald now.

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> --- tmcd at panix.com wrote:
> > "de' Medici" and "dei Medici" have been registered 8 times in the last
> > 11 years without comment.
> For instance, my lady wife registered Alessandra Giovanna dei Medici in
July 2002.  I believe it
> was Magnus who helped us sort out the de/dei/d' notation back then.
> Alden Drake
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