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Wed Nov 9 17:23:00 PST 2005

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Miriam Cook <zahavabathannah at yahoo.com> wrote:
> "IE, could I submit a name and device registration on behalf of my
> sister in the Outlands, through Ansteorra's College of Heralds, and
> have me handle all the paperwork, revisions, etc, using my own
> address as the contact info?

It is physically possible and not likely to be detected by anyone.
However, the SCA College of Arms Administrative Handbook IV.B says

    B. Kingdom of Residence - Submissions must be made through the
       appropriate heraldic officers as defined by the kingdom of
       which the submitter is a subject according to Corpora and Board
       policy. A submission already in process above the local level
       when a submitter leaves a kingdom may continue to be processed
       by the kingdom of origin until it is registered or returned by
       Laurel. In this case any resubmissions must be made through the
       new kingdom.

Furthermore, some actions require the submitter's signature -- most
commonly, acceptance of a letter of permission to conflict or a letter
of transfer.  A forgery is unlikely to be detected, but still:
forgery, dude.

The question makes me wonder why the person wants to bypass the
Outlands.  Is something going wrong there?  Sorcha MacLeod, White Stag
Principal Herald, has always struck me as quite competent, as is her
assistant Alia Marie de Blois, Palmer Herald, and Meradudd Cethin has
just moved in from Gleann Abhann and if they have the sense God gave
gravel they sucked him into the collective so fast it made his
eyeballs bleed.

Daniel de Lindocollino
"Me, I love the USA; I never miss an episode." -- Paul "Fruitbat" Sleigh
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