[ANSTHRLD] Submissions from out of Kingdom

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 10 13:40:32 PST 2005

I believe that in this case it is not wanting to
circumvent the Outlands Heraldic College, but an issue
that Zubeydah's sister attends wars etc with Zubeydah,
but doesn't actually *play* in her Kingdom.  I may be
wrong, but I believe Zubeydah just wants to do
something cool for her sister.


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> On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Miriam Cook
> <zahavabathannah at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > "IE, could I submit a name and device registration
> on behalf of my
> > sister in the Outlands, through Ansteorra's
> College of Heralds, and
> > have me handle all the paperwork, revisions, etc,
> using my own
> > address as the contact info?
> It is physically possible and not likely to be
> detected by anyone.
> However, the SCA College of Arms Administrative
> Handbook IV.B says
>     B. Kingdom of Residence - Submissions must be
> made through the
>        appropriate heraldic officers as defined by
> the kingdom of
>        which the submitter is a subject according to
> Corpora and Board
>        policy. A submission already in process above
> the local level
>        when a submitter leaves a kingdom may
> continue to be processed
>        by the kingdom of origin until it is
> registered or returned by
>        Laurel. In this case any resubmissions must
> be made through the
>        new kingdom.
> Furthermore, some actions require the submitter's
> signature -- most
> commonly, acceptance of a letter of permission to
> conflict or a letter
> of transfer.  A forgery is unlikely to be detected,
> but still:
> forgery, dude.
> The question makes me wonder why the person wants to
> bypass the
> Outlands.  Is something going wrong there?  Sorcha
> MacLeod, White Stag
> Principal Herald, has always struck me as quite
> competent, as is her
> assistant Alia Marie de Blois, Palmer Herald, and
> Meradudd Cethin has
> just moved in from Gleann Abhann and if they have
> the sense God gave
> gravel they sucked him into the collective so fast
> it made his
> eyeballs bleed.
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