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Sat Nov 12 20:07:24 PST 2005

Greetings all,
I want to double check some information.  
At my last shire meeting, they talked about creating an award of some sort to thank people for their good deeds, something far short of an AOA.
Now, from my experience in the East Kingdom, this is NOT DONE.  (My shire back East got slapped six ways to Thursday for giving out a thank you.)  In no uncertain terms we were informed that shires cannot give out awards or orders, that is reserved for the Crown and Baronies; and if we want to give out awards, we better become a barony.  It was highly recommended to my old shire that it does absolute nothing that even has the APPEARANCE of an award or order.
I toned this down a lot and said it in the business meeting for my new shire; it was my first official meeting as acting herald and I hope I imparted correct information. That is: "a shire cannot give out awards or orders, that is reserved for the Crown and Baronies."  Is this correct in Ansteorra?
Ever a Servant,
Lady Prudence the Curious
Acting Herald of the Shire of Emerald Keep
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