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I'm a little confused then.  The Shire of Gate's Edge has 2 orders, the Guardians of the Gate (given for serice to the Shire) and the Bella Luce (given for A&S service and abilities).  They are both non-armigerous.  The Guardian was created many years ago when Gate's Edge was just a Canton.  

It sounds like the order Prudence is talking about would be exactly like the Guardian of the Gate award that we give out.  If it's not please explain the difference.  I read her question and thought immediatly of the Guardian.  

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  You've got it exactly and precisely so, Prudence.  <f/x: waving "Hi!" - we've met in Robin of Gilwell's living room...>  
  In fact, I, and through me the Shire of Moonschadowe, got slapped reasonably gently for trying to institute something similar [MUMBLE] years ago...

  That being said, THERE ARE OTHER WAYS!  
  (A) Write award recommendations and submit them *as individuals* (at least at first) to the appropriate authorities:  the Crown, regional superiors, Kingdom superiors.
  (B) Give wordfame in meetings, at events attended, etc.  (B-Plus) Memorialize their efforts / achievements in poem, tune, tale and get same distributed "appropriately"
  (C) As a collection of individuals, separate from existence as branch officers and NOT using branch funds, give the individual it is desired to honor a nifty neat narfgobbler or batwangler or other whatsit -- accompanied by appropriate flowery words, which it is possible to render in the form of a scroll... 

  Distinction is that if the people of the shire do (B) or (C) nothing immediately gets reflected in the Order of Precedence.  Enough people going through (A), the recommendation process over time builds a reputation beyond the immediate group, and the cumulative effect is recognition by the appropriate precedence-carrying (or specifically NON-precedence-carrying) award.  (The Lion of Ansteorra technically carries no precedence in the Order of Precedence, does not confer an AoA if the recipient doesn't already have one, etc.  [paraphrasing Robin of Gilwell, current Oakenwald Purs.:] It is therefore among the most coveted actively-given awards in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and is recognized throughout most of the Known World as being terribly and wonderfully important.)

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    Greetings all,

    I want to double check some information.  

    At my last shire meeting, they talked about creating an award of some sort to thank people for their good deeds, something far short of an AOA.

    Now, from my experience in the East Kingdom, this is NOT DONE.  (My shire back East got slapped six ways to Thursday for giving out a thank you.)  In no uncertain terms we were informed that shires cannot give out awards or orders, that is reserved for the Crown and Baronies; and if we want to give out awards, we better become a barony.  It was highly recommended to my old shire that it does absolute nothing that even has the APPEARANCE of an award or order.

    I toned this down a lot and said it in the business meeting for my new shire; it was my first official meeting as acting herald and I hope I imparted correct information. That is: "a shire cannot give out awards or orders, that is reserved for the Crown and Baronies."  Is this correct in Ansteorra?

    Ever a Servant,

    Lady Prudence the Curious
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