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On Sun, 13 Nov 2005, Rhonda and Stephen Hays
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> My question here goes deeper...why would you want to recoginize
> someone for service to their local group and _not_ put them in for
> an AoA?

The original note mentioned
] At my last shire meeting, they talked about creating an award of
] some sort to thank people for their good deeds, something far short
] of an AOA.

And it's true that the Ansteorra doesn't allow such recognition, if
"recognition" is defined solely as "there's a special award just for
it and it gets presented in an official SCA court and it's recorded in
the Ansteorran Roll of Precedence and it has a level in the Order of

(1) Ansteorra (the kingdom alone) has more awards than the entire
    British Empire in 1905.  I think that period kingdoms tended to
    have one order and no "awards" (in our sense) in period.
(2) I don't see a practical mechanism for the king and queen of
    Ansteorra to give minor awards the way barons and baronesses hand
    out their non-armigerous awards.

So I'd like to encourage Amra's options, including word fame, nifty
presents, calligraphed letters, and such -- not just for shires, but
for other SCA branches.

I should note that shires can certainly create offices unique to
themselves, and I know of nothing that prevents honorary offices or
offices with trivial duties, and those were a lot more common in
period than orders.  (Do branch "Warlords" and "Champions" generally
do anything as holders of those titles?  I'd like to know, pro or

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