[ANSTHRLD] Shires and Thank Yous

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 14 06:21:18 PST 2005

Not to be contradicive, or oppositive - for I certainly understand and agree with the Law of our
fine Kingdom, but I think if a branch wants to give out some sort of token to somebody for
something, then it shouldn't be an issue, so long as they aren't considered to be awards.  With an
award being defined as having precedence and appearing in the OP.  There are even a few baronies
who give a token (or tokens) in addition to the baronial service award that the crown grants them
permission to give.  For instance, Stargate gives the Pearl of Great Price.  They really are
nothing more than tokens or favors given on behalf of the branch, or a portion of a branch, or an
individual within the branch, with little difference from a token given by one individual, to
another individual for some (usually specified) reason.  The symbolism and meaning behind
receiving such an honor rests solely upon the giver(s) and recipient(s), and does not need to have
any bearing beyond that level.

I think the difference between a branch wanting to give someone their own special token, versus
recommending them for an award of precedence is that the branch might want the recipient to know
that this recognition comes from *them* and not the Crown.  Saying, "We all put you in for this
award that the Crown gave you" might not convey the sentiment the branch wishes to convey
(particularly if the Crown doesn't give the recommended award, or if the recipient already has a
too-similar award).  And I'm sure there are several past Crowns who probably have been given such
tokens in the past.  If they perceive this practice to be a problem, then why didn't they address
it during their reign?


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