[ANSTHRLD] Shires and Thank Yous

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I will go so far as to stir the pot here. It is the duty of every herald in
this Kingdom to encourage the writing of award recommendations. If you're
not pushing award recs in your group, you're falling down on the job. Yes,
many people don't need to be reminded, but some do. If you're a local, and
you're not reminding people to write recommendations, I say Shame on You.



Pot Stirrer. 


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Those who are not getting the recognition that is deserved, may not be
getting award recomendations either. The people who see what is going on
need to contact the Powers That Be and let them know who and what is being
done so that they may respond. 

On the other hand there are those who (publicly and loudly) claim to have
put someone in so that they may gain from a feeling of thanks from the
person. Even if they are only saying it to gain favour and material goods
rather than actually putting in award recomendations. 


Those who serve do it because they see a need. The thanks are gravy, that
helps get the tougher meal down. 



Rhonda and Stephen Hays <housedragonstar at earthlink.net> wrote:



I know that people get overlooked.  I have a friend that waited 12 years and
three or four kingdoms for his.  It happens.  All I can say to that is
better late than early.  I would much rather have someone say, "about time!"
than "Huh?  you have to be kidding me.  She got that?"


Lastly, and this is the hard part to say and understand on email so bear
with me.  If a person works locally for 20 years then chances are they do it
because they chose to and they like it and the rewards of service.  They are
respected for their knowlege and wealth of stories of the old days, they are
competent and trusted, and they carry a special place in the heart and soul
of the group.  After 20 years, they know the score.  And chances are that
they hear all of the thank yous loud and clear.  If they didn't, I daresay
they wouldn't be back.

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