[ANSTHRLD] Clarifications

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Wed Nov 16 13:24:09 PST 2005

In the following device, I read the bear as argent. Or is multicolor 

Gareth of Gelderland|8407X|d|Per chevron argent and azure, an anvil, an 
anvil reversed, and a bear rampant 
neutral:~argent:~and azure|PC:argent:pl:t1:~and azure

What is the correct spelling of contourny? Or is that it? 

The following are items that need correcting, as far as I can ascertain. 
Should they all go to Morsulus Herald?

torture the data until it confesses

Raven is missing:
Bors of Lothian|9002X|d|Per fess vert and gules, on a fess embattled 
counter-embattled Or, a raven displayed and sinister facing sable, in 
chief two mullets of four points 
Or.||FESS:1:charged:embattled:or|FIELD:multicolor dark:~ gules:~and 
vert|PFESS:pl:vert:~and gules|STAR:2:of 4:or:t1:unc

Serpent is not mentioned?:
Franz von Corgymonde|8111X|d|Per fess purpure and Or, a bar counterchanged 
between a sword bendwise sinister proper enfiled of an annulet argent and 
a double-headed eagle displayed sable maintaining in its talons a serpent 
neutral:~ or:~and 

One scarpe:
Leif Wadason|8103X|d|Azure, a scarpe between and sword and a dexter 
gauntlet clenched fesswise, all within a bordurelet 
argent.||AZ|BORDURE:argent:pl:surrounding 1 
plus:unc|BS:1:argent:pl:spna:unc|FIELD:azure|HAND AND 
GAUNTLET:1:argent:second|SWORD:1:argent:palewise:plain blade:second

Needs CAT category added to be consistent with other winged cats:
Elspeth Cathlin MacGilbert|8309X|d|Per pale purpure and argent, a winged 
cat passant to sinister counterchanged.||FIELD:multicolor neutral:~ 
argent:~and purpure|MONSTER9WINGED:1:multicolor 
neutral:spa|PPALE:pl:purpure:~and argent

Needs CAT category added to be consistent with other demi-lions:
Patrick Domhnall O'Dea|9101X|d|Per pale purpure and Or, a demi-lion 
issuant from base and in chief two crosses pointed 
neutral:second|FIELD:multicolor neutral:~ or:~and 
purpure|PPALE:pl:purpure:~and or

Cat should be multicolored, not Or:
Kentiggerma the Rebellious|8105X|d|Per fess purpure and argent, a lion 
rampant reguardant counterchanged, its tail enflamed Or, maintaining in 
the sinister forepaw a sword argent enflamed Or.||CAT:1:or:rampant to 
dexter|FIELD:multicolor neutral:~ argent:~and 
purpure|PFESS:pl:purpure:~and argent|SWORD:1:argent:maintained:palewise:t1

Wolf's heads are multicolor, not Or:
Shona of Red Wolf|8005X|d|Per pale embattled sable and argent, in fess a 
wolf's head erased Or and another reversed 
gules.||ARRANGEMENT9HEAD,ADDORSED:2:g2pa:or|FIELD:multicolor neutral:~ 
argent:~and sable|HEADDOG:2:g2pa:or|PPALE:embattled:sable:~and argent

Monster Winged should be azure not argent:
Branwyn O'Brallaghan|8404X|b|Or, a winged whippet couchant to sinister, 
wings elevated and addorsed, coward azure, gorged of a collar 
argent.||DOG:1:azure:couchant to sinister:group 

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