[ANSTHRLD] Clarifications

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Thu Nov 17 07:11:10 PST 2005

Daniel said:
>As far as I can tell, they are all errors in Ordinary classification

Thanks, but what about the 'one scarpe'? Because in a post from 10/03/05 
you said:

>The College of Arms does not register single diminutives, so in the
>SCA you can't have "a scarpe" -- you can only have two or more

And it also has a bendlet:

One scarpe:

Leif Wadason|8103X|d|Azure, a scarpe between and sword and a dexter 
gauntlet clenched fesswise, all within a bordurelet argent.

||AZ|BORDURE:argent:pl:surrounding 1 
plus:unc|BS:1:argent:pl:spna:unc|FIELD:azure|HAND AND 
GAUNTLET:1:argent:second|SWORD:1:argent:palewise:plain blade:second

(and just think I've only got up to 1984 - I've got 20 more years of 
beastiary entries to examine.)

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