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Sun Aug 6 03:02:08 PDT 2006

> First question, the person that I conflict with has three irises purpure,
> and I have four horseshoes vert.  Do the differences in the number of
> charges AND color of the charges constitute separate differences for
> conflict?

The field and bend cotised items are the same on both devices so no
difference there.  All the changes to the charges on charges of type and
number and color add up to 1 Countable Difference.  You need 2 such CDs to
clear a conflict.  Messing with the tertiary charges on the bend can get
you a maximum of 1 CD under our rules.

> If not, can I add a bordure argent (or a bordure that looks like the
> cotised
> bend, I don't know the correct term, but I have seen it in a heraldry
> book)
> to my device and have it not conflict?  I hope this makes sense.

Emma decides when to return kingdom items for conflict.

Commentary is just to find information to make a submission registerable
or any reasons Laurel would return it.

I post commentary to the list so it will get read.

Heralds also can't resist the obsessive compulsion to correct other
people, so any mistakes will get found.  I don't want research errors
getting a submission returned.  Evil typos creep into everything and are
as hard to exterminate as cockroaches.

Orle Herald

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