[ANSTHRLD] simple armory

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Fri Aug 11 11:37:46 PDT 2006

Hedwig wrote:
> Well, perhaps my cuppa tea, my mugga coffee and my canna cola 
> have gotten
> the better of my brain and fingers today.
> There is 1CD for the tower changing but that would be only 
> 1CD and we need
> two. So, can I retract my first answer and say that it IS in conflict?
> So:
> > RfS X.4.a
> > * Field Difference* - Significantly changing the tinctures, 
> direction of
> > partition lines, style of partition lines, or number of pieces in a
> > partition of the field is one clear difference.
> >
> and since our device hasn't changed the filed tinctures nor 
> has it changed
> the line of division there is no CD there.  Adding to that 
> the fact that the
> charges are not significantly different in tincture then the 
> only CD is for
> the change in the one half of the field to the tower from the dolphin.

Correct on the second try!

And as Tostig pointed out, you needn't bother looking for posture or
orientation CDs because towers can't do that; if it had been, say:

Per bend Or and vert, two wolves rampant counterchanged
Per bend Or and vert, a tower and a horse passant to sinister counterchanged



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