[ANSTHRLD] Legs and body different colors

Luciana Caterina di Boniface dolce.luce at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 16:20:29 PDT 2006

I honestly do not know, but I 'think' that it might can. A hare can be
designated as 'proper', which would be brown, but a horse has to have the
coloring specified. What you have presented would more than meet either of
those requirements, in my mind. The only potential problem that I can see
would be in the choosing of a field to put the critter in question on.
Still, I am certain that even that could be dealt with.

If I might add another question into this please... What could these
examples be placed upon, if this can in fact be done?

In Service,

On 8/13/06, prudencecurious at netscape.net <prudencecurious at netscape.net>
> Good gentles,
> Someone asked me if it was possible to specify color for body parts -
> say
> Hare rampant with body argent and ears sable
> or
> Horse sallient with body Or and legs sable
> This could allow someone to create a picture of a favorite pet on
> their shield. At the moment this is an intellectual exercise, but could
> have some interesting effects down the line.
> Ever a Servant,
> Prudence the Curious

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