[ANSTHRLD] Help needed with the French 'Red Fox'

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Sun Aug 13 18:39:05 PDT 2006

Reynard the Fox is a trickster, well-known from many fables and stories in 
medieval France.  He shows up in Chaucer, in "The Nun's Priest's Tale, for 
instance.  "Reynard Rouge" would mean "red fox" to a medieval ear.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

>I have someone who is wanting to have a Norman or French surname that
> translates into 'Red Fox'. I did some checking, and I believe that 'Fox' 
> is
> simply something along the lines of 'Reneaux'. Would there be some way to
> specify 'Reneaux Rouge' as a surname? That is just not sounding quite 
> right
> to me, and I do not have the French resources in my library (yet) to be 
> able
> to check more thoroughly. :(
> Also, and another important factor, does anyone have any documentation to
> indicate that Reneaux (or the equivalent) would have been used in period?
> The given name that the Gentle in question is wishing to use would be
> 'Anistashia' , which I have not even begun to try to place in France. It
> looks pretty Russian to me.
> An assistance would be greatly appreciated
> Luciana

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