[ANSTHRLD] Tressure's new projects

nweders@mail.utexas.edu nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Aug 14 10:20:29 PDT 2006

Hi all:

I'd thought I'd send a note about the new project I want to start 
developing and, again, I am asking for advice and opinions.

Everyone has taken the warranting class test, and I thought it might be a 
possible idea of developing some intermediate testing on heraldry and 
onomastics.  You wouldn't get a grade but it would be developed in 
conjunction with standard classes that could be taught at KC as well as 
other teaching venues including AHSS.  Once a person took the class and did 
the testing they could in turn teach it to other people.  (Basically, 
educating people to teach a class as well as furthering their understanding 
of blazonry) the classes would be available on-line  for people to use to 
teach the classes.

Is this something that you all would like to see developed?  Would any of 
you be willing to work on the classes with me?   I'm not out to play stump 
the herald or show how much I know.  I would like to develop a series of 
classes that allowed people to learn the material, then turn around, take 
it to their  home groups and use the same material to teach people about 

Thanks for your time,



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