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Mon Aug 14 12:13:33 PDT 2006

At 02:06 PM 8/14/2006, you wrote:
>nweders at mail.utexas.edu wrote:
> > Is this something that you all would like to see developed?  Would any of
> > you be willing to work on the classes with me?   I'm not out to play stump
> > the herald or show how much I know.  I would like to develop a series of
> > classes that allowed people to learn the material, then turn around, take
> > it to their  home groups and use the same material to teach people about
> > heraldry.
>This is an excellent idea.
>Eventually I would like to see classes of all levels and their tests
>available online.  At least the test could be printed off, taken at
>home if a person can't get to an event and sent to the appropriate
>person for grading.  Test results/scores could be emailed back to
>the pupil along with the questions that were missed so they could be
>studied.  I am sure that there would need to be a couple of tests so
>that they could be rotated.
>Just a thought.

         There is actually a freeware that allows for testing to be done 
like you said.  I am hoping I get a chance to work with it for this 
project.  My first step is gather the ideas and subjects people would like 
to see developed and work with some experts to get some testing 
developed.  While I love to encourage teaching , I tend to be really 
scattered when I personally teach.  I have found it to be better for me 
(and the classes/tests)  to run it through people who know the material and 
make sure I state it clearly.

What topics would people like to see developed?

I have Basic Blazonry (intro to the topics) that could be taught by the 
general public as the first class.  then possibly one on Animal Charges, 
positions and types for another.   I'd love one on continental and 
non-English Heraldry)

Onomastics will be a little more difficult but I think that we could 
develop it somehow.

Thanks for the support!


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