[ANSTHRLD] Tressure's new projects

Jill Jill at celestialwaves.net
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Have to say, I rather like this idea as well.  Especially having the answers
of those correct and missed available to study.


Jill Scoggins West, RMT

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nweders at mail.utexas.edu wrote:

> Is this something that you all would like to see developed?  Would any of
> you be willing to work on the classes with me?   I'm not out to play stump
> the herald or show how much I know.  I would like to develop a series of
> classes that allowed people to learn the material, then turn around, take
> it to their  home groups and use the same material to teach people about
> heraldry.

This is an excellent idea.

Eventually I would like to see classes of all levels and their tests
available online.  At least the test could be printed off, taken at
home if a person can't get to an event and sent to the appropriate
person for grading.  Test results/scores could be emailed back to
the pupil along with the questions that were missed so they could be
studied.  I am sure that there would need to be a couple of tests so
that they could be rotated.
Just a thought.
Andrea / Maridonna
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