[ANSTHRLD] question about conflicting with the dead

Maridonna maridonna at maridonna.com
Wed Aug 16 12:51:25 PDT 2006

Hedwig von Luneborg wrote:

> What if this person isn't in the SCA or has no
> clue about any of this?  What then?  (What an obscure rule...)
>>Until it is released by surviving family members it is still a conflict.

To be precise "IV.G.4. If, upon the death of the owner of registered 
items in the Society, no heraldic will has been located, then the 
Personal Representative/Executor or the residual property heirs of 
the owner under the laws of the state of the owner's death have the 
right to give permission to conflict, release the items, or transfer 
the items as these heirs deem appropriate." 2002 Administrative 

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