[ANSTHRLD] Dressing up in the new finery

nweders@mail.utexas.edu nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 29 13:34:29 PDT 2006

How weird, I was just thinking today about sumptuary laws.

I'm not sure if the Kingdom have who can wear what, so I'll speak from 
traditions in the past and let it go one from there.

Pursuivants normally wore tabard.  In period they would wear them athwart, 
i.e. twisted with the sleeves hanging where the front and back should 
be.  Heralds wore them normally.  In the SCA, I think we don't really do 
that but tabards were worn by anyone who was serving for a NOBLE, i.e. 
Crown or territorial.  this was a green tabard (not one for some knight or 
Peer or other noble who hired you for their own personal herald with at 
least - crossed trumpets).  I think modern heralds wear cloaks as well.  I 
found a great article on what heralds were given as gifts in period from 
performing their duties as heralds (they almost always got clothing.)  It's 
pretty interesting.

Baldrics are more of an SCA invention.  But they are generally worn while 
on duty.


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