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Thu Jan 5 05:59:31 PST 2006

At 10:00 PM 1/4/2006, you wrote:
>Oh, did you not know?
>You and I and at least two other people from up here are car-pooling so 
>that we can split the cost four ways.  I figure that we can just about get 
>there, stay for two nights, and pay site for about 100.00 each if we split 
>the room four ways.  Now that won't cover food, but you gotta eat no 
>matter where you are, so I never count that.
>I have already started the secret cash stash for the trip.
>On a more serious note....
>Planning now for the trip is a great idea and sharing rooms and rides can 
>make it much more affordable.  While 100.00 may sound like alot, it is 
>really cheap for a nice hotel for two nights and getting there and 
>back.  And just think of the wonderful conversations to be had with 
>friends on the way.  Plus, the French quarter, well, need I say more?

Plus, the best way you can help an area that has been damaged is by pumping 
money back into the area.  Going to KWHS is actually a way to help New 
Orleans recover.  Their main money draw was tourism and by going to the 
event you will be contributing to the rebirth of a really cool place (grin).



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