[ANSTHRLD] Field and Site Heralds needed for Stargate Baronnial

Dietrich Strobelbart dietrichstrobelbart at myway.com
Tue Jan 10 06:06:11 PST 2006

Oyez!  Oyez!  Those of you desirous of a chance to be heard, attend these words!  We are looking for brave souls with loud and lusty voices to be Field and/or Site Heralds for the Stargate Baronnial event coming in April.  Please contact me at your soonest opportunity if you wish to participate!Yours in Service,Dietrich StrobelbartSentinal Pursuivantmka Steve Scott281-731-7726 celldietrichstrobelbart at myway.comSchwoeren Sie warum ab und suchen Sie wie.Abjure the why and seek the how.

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