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David Knebel wrote:

> Greetings friends,
>  I have a client that wishes to document the name Derick Stanley 
> existing around 1580 England. I can not find my copy of Wythicomb to get 
> the details for Stanley but I am sure it's there.  I did a global search 
> for Derick on Ancestry.com and found a few in the late 1500's and early 
> 1600's, does anyone have any ideas on usable documentation for my client?

Withycombe, s.n. Derek, Derrick (m): Diedrick or Dirck is the Dutch 
form of German Diederich, from Old German Thordoric(q.v).  Dederick, 
Dyrke, Deryk are found in England in the 15th C, borrowed, no doubt, 
from the Low Countries.  Camden gives Derric as the English and 
Terry as the French forms of Theodoric,  The name has been revived 
during the 20th C; it is now oftener spelt Derek than Derrick.

Dedericus 1461.
Dederic 1464.

"Lists of Foreign Protestants, and Aliens resident in England 
1618-1688". From Returns in the State Paper Office. Reprinted for 
the Royal Historical Society,1968, no ISBN. The Appendix (1618), 
page 76 lists "Derick Helden b. in Hensboroughe in Gulickland, under 
the Duke of Gulick... in England 30 yeers."
These are English spellings of foreign names.

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