[ANSTHRLD] I'm Stuck >.<

Alasdair MacEogan alasdair at bmhanson.net
Mon Jan 16 07:12:36 PST 2006

Suren Unegen wrote: 
> I am trying to figure out what the blazon should be for this device so
> can check for conflects befor submitting it to my herald. I dont want
> submit somthing untill I know forsure it has a chance of passing. This

> is a link to the device hope you can help. 
> http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c88/Rickypup/SurenDevice.jpg

Before trying to blazon, I have a question.  Was it your intent to have
the charges raised in that manner towards the chief (enhanced I believe
is the term, though that may only apply to ordinaries) or were they
supposed to be more centered on the field? 

Reason for return even without conflict checking:
Rules for Submission 
XI.3  Marshalling. - Armory that appears to marshall independent arms is
considered presumptuous.

Period marshalling combined two or more separate designs to indicate
descent from noble parents and claim to inheritance. Since members of
the Society are all required to earn their status on their own merits,
apparent claims to inherited status are presumptuous. Divisions commonly
used for marshalling, such as quarterly or per pale, may only be used in
contexts that ensure marshalling is not suggested.

    a.Such fields may be used with identical charges over the entire
field, or with complex lines of partition or charges overall that were
not used for marshalling in period heraldry.

    b. Such fields may only be used when no single portion of the field
may appear to be an independent piece of armory.

    No section of the field may contain an ordinary that terminates at
the edge of that section, or more than one charge unless those charges
are part of a group over the whole field. Charged sections must all
contain charges of the same type to avoid the appearance of being
different from each other.

Sorry, but I would say that this device falls afoul of ths rule and
would be returned on that bass alone.


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