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> I knew I had fogtot somthing heres the link to the moded version
> http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c88/Rickypup/SurenDevice2.jpg

There's still the "appearance of marshalling" issue that Alasdair
pointed out.  "Marshalling" is the use of two or more previous coats
of arms on a combined coat in certain ways that were used in period.
In this case, there's two designs separated by a per-pale line, which
is what was used in England (and perhaps other places) to show the
arms of a married couple.  It looks like the husband's arms are "Vert,
a canine rampant argent" and he married "Or, a mullet of eight points
sable".  The SCA does not allow registration of armory that appears to
be marshalled.

If you are wedded to these colors and charges, do you want ideas on
how to fiddle with it to avoid the appearance of marshalling?
Do you want any comments about period style, without regard to
the marshalling issue?

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