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Has anyone ever been able to find a date for the name <Alix> ? I was looking
through The May '98 LOI at <Alix von Ravensburg> because my submitter wants
the name <Alix> -  


Dauzat, p. 6, shows Alix as a variant of Alice with no date. Withycombe 3rd
ed., p. 15 says that various forms of Alice were common in France and
England in the Middle Ages and that the name is still used in France as
Alix. Talan Gwynek: I've never managed to find an actual period citation for
Alix, but it's consistent with what I know of Old French orthography.
(However, it's probably just a variant of `s' here.)


Will this work for the current CoA, do you think? My French resources in
books are slim, I only have Noms de Famille from Morlet. 


The other half of the name for the curious is <de Bohun>. I'm gonna look it
up in my placenames books. I don't think this one will be a problem though.



Yours in service,





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