[ANSTHRLD] per chevron Example

Suren Unegen commander at mongounegen.com
Mon Jan 16 20:24:17 PST 2006

After looking at the reason for return of my original submission and 
realizing that I miss read it I will stick with it. The reason for the 
return was over the how I drew the “per chevron” field division. After 
spending some time on line at the SCA Heraldry site this is what I came 
up with let me know if I should improve on this. Keep in mind this I 
excluded the charges just checking if the proportion is correct.
The think the blazon was:
Per Chevron Vert and Or, in chief two fox’s masks argent and in base a 
compass star sable


Thanks for the help and information

In service to the Dream and Kingdom
Suren Unegen (Majestic Fox)
Costal Region Siege Marshal
Silver Fox Squadron, Commanding

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