[ANSTHRLD] Italian Name Cnstruction Question

Maridonna maridonna at maridonna.com
Wed Jan 18 03:11:50 PST 2006

Steve K. Rourke wrote:
> Working on a name submission for a feminine name. Would the use of the name
> "Concetta" which is suppose to be the Itialian congrate of "Concepcion" be
> usable?
> Domhnall

These sound to me like Spanish names, not Italian.  I have not found 
either name in the articles at the Medival Name Archive.  This name 
and its variants would most likely be found in southern Italy where 
Spain ruled until after our period.

De Felice Nomi says: "...Questo gruppo nominale è insorto 
nell'ultimo Medio Evo con la devozione per l'Immacolata Concezione 
di Maria Vergine, il privilegio cioè di essere stata concepita 
immune dal peccato originale, proclamato dogma da Pio IX nel 1854..."
My poor translation: This name group is was insurgent in the final 
days of the Middle Ages with the devotion to the Immaculate 
Conception of Virgin Mary, who was free from original sin proclaimed 
by Pio IX in 1854.
*I have no idea when De Felice thought the Middle Ages (Medio Evo) 

Academy of Saint Gabriel report 1897 says that Concepion was not 
used by regular people until after 1600.  "...<Concepcion> was 
originally an attributive name of the Virgin Mary.  These
didn't become used as given names by regular people until after 
1600. [9]  [9] Menendez-Pidal, Ramon, "Onomastica inspirada en el 
culto marianico", 1 Cuadernos del Idioma: Revista de Cultura y 
Pensamento 9-16 (1965)."

You might check to see if the names were used in Spain before the 
end of our period.  If they weren't, then they probably wouldn't be 
used in Italy before the end of period either.
Andrea / Maridonna
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