[ANSTHRLD] educational opportunities

nweders@mail.utexas.edu nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Jan 19 09:00:10 PST 2006

This year King's College will be held June 23-25, in Gates Edge in the 
Stargate area.  I would like to see some heraldic or scribal classes taught 
there.   I have sent a note to the autocrat and hopefully would have more 
information to give you shortly.

Teaching is a good way of finding and encouraging new heralds and heraldic 

If you have never been to a King's College, it's a lot of fun!  If you 
haven't ever taught, it's not a bad place to teach in.  What to 
teach?   Basic heraldry for non-heralds,  How to read a blazon.  Mythic 
beasts - a history.  Field heraldry, projection  how to handle a court are 
a few ideas.   You could teach a class on heraldic horse barding....  How 
to make a heraldic cotehardie.....

If you need help with finding a topic, research anything for a class or 
help with documentation, the office of Tressure is available for assistance.

To this end.... has anyone taught any type of heraldic class 
recently?  Local shire or baronial class?

PLease let me know.




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