[ANSTHRLD] Herald clipart binder

Alasdair MacEogan alasdair at bmhanson.net
Sun Jan 22 13:14:41 PST 2006

If needed I would be more than happy to scan it in for you.  I just need
a couple days as all of my heraldry books are still in storage.

Alasdair "Not a herald, but I have some nifty books" MacEogan
Currently residing in Steppes, I think.

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On Sat, 21 Jan 2006, Thorn <Thorn at raf662bravo.com> wrote:
> Herald Denyel da Linccolne,

What a bizarre spelling of my name!  Everybody knows that it's properly
spelled Danielis Lindum!

> Where do I find the artwork you had in that binder at Coronation? # 
> 157 & #251

If #157 is a cross bottony and #251 is a drop spindle, then it's


                            As Used in the
                   Society For Creative Anachronism

                             2nd Edition


                         BRUCE DRACONARIUS OF


                            AKAGAWA YOSHIO

                            illustrated by

                    Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme

A lot of heralds have it, especially the longer-serving ones, so maybe
there's one in, say, Tyler?  Or maybe you sometimes get over to Dallas.
Someone who's going to do armory should have a copy of their own, HINT
HINT, which you should be able to get via
<https://secure.sca.org/cgi-bin/stockclerk/ftpw.html> ("Pictorial
Dictionary", near the bottom ... yow! they've jacked up the price!
Usetabe $6.)

at <http://www.heraldsnet.org/saitou/parker/>, a site you should
bookmark, HINT HINT.  The easy way to find it is to go to the C section
(snrk!) and search for "bouton".  Ignore that Frency-type
spelling: we call it a "cross bottony", period.  Parker doesn't seem to
have a drop spindle in the sense of the Pic Dic.

You can try a search for
    "drop spindle"
via Google Image Search <http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi>.
Plenty of hits, but I'm not sanguine about finding an outline drawing
for heraldry in particular: searching for
    "drop spindle" (heraldry OR heraldic OR herald)
got no hits.

If you really need the drop spindle from the Pic Dic, someone might be
able to scan it for you.  (I have no scanner.)

Daniel de Lindo Colonia
"Me, I love the USA; I never miss an episode." -- Paul "Fruitbat" Sleigh
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com
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