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On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Hedwig von Luneborg <lochherald at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a gentle wishing a Hippogriff for his device.  I can't seem
> to find a suitable image on line.

The Pic Dic has one.  That URL again:

I'd normally suggest James Parker, _A Glossary Of Terms Used In
Heraldry_, <http://www.heraldsnet.org/saitou/parker/>, but oddly
enough, he doesn't have the word at all!

looks like a pretty good image to me.  It has the ear tufts that say
"it's a griffin", though I'd suggest that the front legs be drawn
much scaly-er (more like bird legs).

> Also, is this an acceptable charge?

The Pic Dic doesn't cite a period use.

Anneke Lyffland, from Drachenwald, registered "Sable, a hippogriff
passant within an orle argent." in April 2003 without any notes from
commenters and without comment from Laurel.  Now, previous
registration is no guarantee of current acceptability, but this is a
pretty recent precedent and nobody kvetched in the slightest.  (You
can search LoARs by appending to the search box at
<http://www.morsulus.org/>.  You can't see Laurel commentary, but I've
collated it for oy these many years, so I have it on disc.)

Further, the Rules for Submission VII.5 has:

    5.  Compatible Monsters - Monsters compatible with period armorial
     practice may be registered in armory.

     Monsters described in period sources may be used in the Society,
     even if they were not used in period heraldry.  New monsters may
     be formed for Society use on the analogy of period monsters, so
     long as all components remain sufficiently identifiable in the
     compound monster.  For example, the Society has created the sea
     unicorn parallel to the sea lion and sea horse.

And monsters are occasionally blazoned by parts, as in January 2003's
(Artemisia acceptances)

    Lecelina O'Brien of Mountshannon. Badge. (Fieldless) A two-headed
    chimerical monster composed of the head and body of a unicorn and
    the head, wings, and tail of a dragon rampant contourny purpure.

registered without commenter or Laurel comment.

It's quite unexceptional, I'd say.

Denyel de Lincoln
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