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Doug Bell debell1 at txcyber.com
Tue Jan 24 13:54:21 PST 2006

Kainin Tepesa is not recorded as ever been submitted to Laurel or Kingdom or
St. Gabriels Academy.

Tepesa does mean thatched roof in one of the Hindu languages (either
Saraswati or Hindi I think).

The return mentioned was probably:
[December 1987 LoAR CAID-R] Dmitri Yaroslavich Tsepesh. Name only.
It was the consensus of the commentary in the College that the byname
"Tsepesh", which means "Impaler" and is associated with Vlad the Impaler,
prototype for the Dracula legend, is offensive in itself, offensive in its
association with Vlad/Dracula and should not be registered.

Other mentions are:
[September 1988 LoAR CALONTIR-R] Vladislav de Bucharest. Name only. By the
submittor's own documentation Bucharest (now capital of Rumania) was capital
of Walachia, the area ruled by among others Vladislav II who was slain and
supplanted by Vlad Tepes (a.k.a. Vlad the Impaler or Dracula).

[March 1990 LoAR ANSTEORRA-A] Vladimir Carpatii. Name only. This name made
us very nervous, given the fact that the Carpathian mountains are one of the
boundaries of the territory ruled by Vlad Tepes (a.k.a Vlad the Impaler or
Dracula). It would be highly advisable for him to avoid any allusive
references (reremice, for example) in his armoury.

I have my doubts that Tepesa would be offensive unless it derives from
Dracula's byname.

So what language is Kainin Tepesa and where were BOTH of the names found?

Orle Herald

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