[ANSTHRLD] Follow up on Baron Tepesa, part 2

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His Excellency the Baron is open to any "sound's like" names. His problem is
that he has played for many 

years under the name and is widely known by it. So it will be difficult to
chuck it and go with another.


Yes to the Kay, or Cai. All options are on the table.


Anyone had a chance to comment on the device some more?





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You know that Kai, could also be Cai, as in Caius.  And of course, it has
been said that "going Roman" is the "new black" in the SCA.

Or, you could suggest to him that he get all Arthurian. Kai or Kay,
depending on how your spelling was that day, was Arthur's foster brother.
With that Roman root, we could dig up something.

Does anyone else see this turning into a CoH version of "What Not to Wear" ?


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> With that, he also would be fine with a Finnish background if
> possible.  I am researching any leads in reference to "Tepes-". 



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