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On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Suren Unegen <commander at mongounegen.com> wrote:
> Blazon: Lozengy vert and or a wolf's pawprint within a orle gules
> Emblazon: http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c88/Rickypup/DeviceT7.jpg

I wrote before that the SCA puts a comma after the blazon of the
field.  Crandall was incorrect in stating that commas are not used.
As I noted before, with a grid-like field, if the dexter chief corner
is in a single piece of a single tincture, that tincture is blazoned

In an SCA blazon, we Capitalize
- the word "Or"
- any proper nouns: "a Bowen knot", "cross of Jerusalem"
- "(Fieldless)" or "(Tinctureless)".
- the first word of the blazon proper (technically, "(Fieldless)" or
  "(Tinctureless)" are not part of the blazon)

So the emblazon is blazoned in the SCA
    Lozengy Or and vert, a wolf's pawprint within a orle gules.

Technically it has good contrast.  Gules usually does work well.
But actually, I think the original black pawprint stands out better.

Clear (2 CDs) of
    Siobhán ní Bhrighde (9509M) Argent, a pawprint vert within an orle gules.
I see nothing else, but I just took a cursory glance.

Ddaned dde Lyngoln
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