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On Fri, 27 Jan 2006, Suren Unegen <commander at mongounegen.com> wrote:
> Dose inverting a charge count as a CD

"Use the source, Luke."  RfS X.4.h:

    h.  Posture Changes - Significantly changing the posture or
     individual orientation of charges in any group placed directly on
     the field, including strewn charges or charges overall, is one
     clear difference.

     Changing the posture of at least half of the charges in a group
     is one clear difference.  Changing "a sword fesswise" to "a sword
     palewise", or from "a lion rampant" to "a lion passant", is one
     clear difference.  Multiple changes to the posture or orientation
     of the same charges may not be counted separately, so "a lion
     passant bendwise" is one clear difference from "a lion couchant
     to sinister".  Changes of posture or orientation of separate
     charge groups may each be counted.  A change of posture must
     affect the orientation of the charge, or significantly change its
     appearance.  Changes in the position of the head, for instance,
     are not significant, nor is the change from statant to passant,
     which essentially moves only one leg.  Changing from passant to
     couchant, however, visually removes the legs from the bottom of
     the charge and is considered significant.

Inverting a charge is a CD.

> and what is it called when you do invert a charge for instance an
> upsidedown hart?

If you indeed mean "hart" as in "deer": it's called "returned for
non-period style".  3/02 LoAR:

    Kelwin Ratslayer.  Device.  Azure, a pall inverted Saxonized
    argent between two panthers rampant addorsed Or, pellety, and in
    base a sword inverted surmounted by a rat couchant contourny
    inverted argent.

         ... Also, the rat "mortant" ("couchant contourny inverted")
         does not appear to be a period position, but rather a modern
         IPOC invention.  The rat's position alone has in the past has
         been ruled a valid reason for return in and of itself.

IPOC: Institute for the Preservation of Outlandish Culture, a joke
group from the Outlands.  From a 11/90 return:

    Eric Foxworthy.  Badge.  [Fieldless] A fox mortant
    (courant/statant inverted) contourny, on its forepaw a raven

         The fox is in a non-heraldic position, one which has been
         returned before in the LoARs of 14 April 1985, p. 9 and 7
         July 1986, p. 17 ...

Note: In general, inversion is fine.  Inversion is cause for return
*for animals in particular*, and possibly cause for return for other
isolated cases or other small classes (but no firm examples come to my
mind right now).

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