[ANSTHRLD] Cross Bull, Really!

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Tue Jan 31 21:41:10 PST 2006

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006, Thorn <Thorn at raf662bravo.com> wrote:
> Vert, on a cross a bull passant Argent
> Anyone see a problem I don't?

A white bull on a white cross is not just metal-on-metal: it's
invisible.  Please describe the design in regular English.

Also, I will note -- again -- that in an SCA blazon we capitalize only
- the word "Or"
- any proper nouns: "a Bowen knot", "cross of Jerusalem"
- "(Fieldless)" or "(Tinctureless)".
- the first word of the blazon proper (technically, "(Fieldless)" or
  "(Tinctureless)" are not part of the blazon)

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