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Well, Jayme, if you had your very own subscrition to the Gazette you would have gotten the latest roster with the current Stellar Scroll Pursuivant listed in there.

Speaking of mottos, there is a great book that has been at alot of Half-Price book stores called A Guide to Medieval Brittish Seals that has a list of mottos that were used on seals and signet rings.  Inspiration, perhaps? And I saw one of these books when I was down shopping at Candlemas.

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  I was delighted to have the pleasure of meeting you this past weekend at Coastal Invasion. Thanks for coming down and visiting. 

  The person who most likely has the answers to these questions is Stellar Scroll (I'm not sure if this office is vacant or not right now), the last person I remember holding the office was Mistress Serena Lascelles, and if you can get in touch with her, she might be able to help you out. She has a remarkable memory of things like that. 

  Hope I've been of service. 

  Seawinds Pursuivant

  On 2/27/06, robert segrest <aumbob at yahoo.com> wrote:
    The Bryn Gwlad list has had a recent spurt of
    discussion about mottos.  In attempting to clarify
    some questions, I started looking at the online index
    of mottos, as well as the armorial for supporters and
    the index of crests.  Many of my local peers and 
    nobles appear to believe that they have registered
    these embelishments but I was able to find no record
    of them.  My questions are:

    Are these lists up to date?

    Is there another, better source for this information? 

    Is there another source for information about these

    I checked the rules for submission and found nothing,
    but I seem to recall that this stuff is all handled at
    the Kingdom level and that the Society does not 
    register any of it.  If anyone would like to enlighten
    me, I would appreciate it.

    Laszló Nemanželsky
    Halberd Pursuivant

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