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The militant arm was formed by Aureliane Rioghail, the first Star Principal Herald, as a joke, when she warranted Duke Jonathan De Laufyson and Duke Lloyd von Eaker (both competent heralds) as the militant arm of the College of Heralds.  It eventually grew into a more-or-less unoffical honor given to a very few heralds who are also well-known fighters.  I believe the first one given entirely seriously was when Tadhg made me a member and gave me the right to (try to) register the title "Rapier Herald".  Off the top of my head, I can remember:

Duke Jonathan
Duke Lloyd
Don Robin
Duchess Rowan
Sir Mahdi
Sir Kief

The first time Mahdi was king, he made Ansteorra the envy of heralds across the Known World.  He was visiting a herald's meeting when he saw a particularly ugly shield.  He pointed to it, called it bad armory, and called for his militant arm to do something about it.  As he left, heralds from other kingdoms were in awe, saying, "Wow!  Your King cares about good heraldry."

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
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  The MIlitant Arm of the Ansteorran College of Heralds could best be classed as an appointment. Or an award. Often comes with a title. I cannot remember when we last gave one out. You have to do special stuff, that I know, regarding Heraldry and fighting. 

  Those that I can remember as members: 
  Robin of Gilwell 
  Abd al Mahdi ibn Hakim, Banana Pursuivant of the Militant Arm 
  Lloyd von Acre 

  Robin, can you answer that better? 


  robert segrest <aumbob at yahoo.com> wrote:
    I'll be there all week. Fighting heavy and helping
    out with heraldry and marshalling. What's this I've
    heard about a militant arm?

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